Europcar UK is helping customers travel faster with the development of our ground-breaking Lightspeed group. Available for pre-booking before 12 noon this April 1st. The new vehicle group features jetspacks and flyboard and is part of our ongoing commitment to invest in the latest mobility solution. You will however need to speak to the DVLA in order to obtain licence to allow you tu use these  specialist vehicles. Visit their site for further information.



Jet pack to new heights

Forget backpaging! Jet-packing is the new way to travel.
Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No it's a happy Europcar Customer in their rental jet pack soaring through the sky.
From just £350 per day, you'll be mad not to take advantage of our new fleet addition. 



Hover to the front of the queue

We're not talking about that wheeled hoverboard craze, we've got our hands on actual flying hoverboards.
Sick of walking round the city attending meetings? Now you don’t have to. Hover past pedestrians and above the hustle and bustle and traffic with ease on our new Zapata Flyboard Air, complete with remote, boots and helmet to guarantee your safety whilst flying through the sky.



A to B in mere seconds

The future is finally here with the supersonic ThrustSSC which can get from 0 to 600 in just 16 seconds.
Get from London Kings Cross to York and back in just over half an hour, driving incredible speeds of up to 753 mph.
£600 per day : our new Selection model will ensure you’re never late again.




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